Re installing the Operating System and Application Software

Why does it cost so much to repair my PC?

- It takes a lot of time to carry out the steps detailed below!

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Reinstall windows:

Reinstalling windows canl speed up booting time and processing considerably, but it is a lot of work and you may not have all the original install CD/DVD, downloads, license codes and so on. It is not worth having someone else do this for you as it can easily take a day to reinstall everything, apply all the updates, locate new drivers and so on. Your money is better spend on a new PC or notebook. All applications and printers will still have to be installed, but you will get many more years out of that effort on a new PC.

If you decide to reinstall windows, backup the complete hard disk first, then replace the internal hard disk. By doing so you have an immediate complete backup , you get a faster hard drive and don’t risk loosing the information on your original hard disk. Advise your support engineer and they can get organise an external case to accept the old hard disk. You can then plug in the old hard disk like an external hard drive and copy things over as you need them.

- If you do not have an image backup available and you feel comfortable to install application software and normally manage to install peripheral devices like printers, cameras etc. yourself, ask for the Operating system only to be installed. Restoring operating system, application programs and data will take 3 hour to 16 hours depending on availability of install disks or recovery partition, restore environment, backup type, how recent the backup is, restoring to identical machine or to other model and/or version of the operating system. Be careful, some operators offer to reinstall in a couple of hours, they can do this by install an image with a number of applications pre-installed. Often these are pirated copies with updates disabled. At times we have come across reinstalls with trial versions of software that expire after 30 days to 3 month.

To restore environment in case of hard disk failure:

Step 1: Replace the hard disk

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Step 2: You need an environment within which the backup data can be accessed.

- There is no point in having a backup if you cannot access it when you need it. If the backup software is only stored on the PC, then if that PC fails you must be able to access the restore function of the backup program.

- Ideally the backup program comes with a standalone restore environment; this can be a bootable CD (Often available as a download from the backup software supplier) or bootable USB stick with the Restore environment.

- In the case of windows backup, the restore environment involves re installing the operating system before you can access the restore function.

Step 3: If you have an image backup(A backup of everything on the disk)

- Once you have a restore environment, you only need to restore the full image backup. You are now operational (back to the point when you did the last backup)

Step 3: If you only have a data backup.

- Locate all operating system and program disks, downloads and product keys. You may find that the disk and/or downloads you purchased are no longer available and you may have to purchase the product again.

- Reinstall operating system and all programs

- Setup user environment including Logins, templates, user preferences, email accounts, passwords etc.)

- Online update of Operating system and all programs if available.

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Restore environment in case of hardware failure other than hard disk:

- Of course you need a machine with fully operational hardware. If you have an identical machine, follow the steps as before for hard disk failure.

- An image backup will only be fully operational immediately after a restore when it is restored to a machine with identical hardware. Some restore software restores assuming a basic machine and then attempts to automatically locate drivers for the new environment. In most cases the backed up image will not be fully operational on a different hardware.

- If the restored image is not compatible with the replacement hardware, then follow the instructions as for restoring when an image backup is not available. The data can still be restored from a good image backup. Most good backup software can restore individual directories and files form the backup image. If not, restore the image backup to another drive, then restore selectively to the active drive.

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